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What is the redemption? This is the place where you cash in your "bank." Your bank is derived of all the revenue you have collected from the views, comments, likes/dislikes and social media shares on all of your posts. This is our patent pending Bubblews revenue sharing community. We believe that those who create the content should be equal partners. Enjoy!

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How earning works

Views On Your Posts

Each visitor to your post will be a unique view, meaning if the same person views your same post 100 times it will still be counted as 1. However, if you have 100 posts and that same person views each of those posts it will count as 100 views. You are paid for every unique view and it will vary by the amount of ad revenue Bubblews is pulling in. We always share 50/50 on every posts revenue.

User Comments

A user comment is defined by anyone who leaves a comment on any of your posts. This one is a lot simpler to understand: For every comment you receive on every post you create, you get paid for. This payout will vary based on how much ad revenue Bubblews is pulling in.

Social Media Shares

A social media share is defined by anytime a person shares your post on facebook, twitter or the other supplied social networks from the bubblews website, you will get paid. This payout will vary based on how much ad revenue bubblews is pulling in. Happy sharing!.