YouTube is addressing music fans with its online music service where users can listen music for free and supported by broadcasting advertisements. Optionally, we can get rid of advertising and gain access to additional features whichever paid subscription.

According to representatives YouTube, new music service supports content creators, offering them a steady source of income resulting from advertisements and subscriptions paid by users.

Is in many respects similar music service Google Play YouTube Music Service will have several features in common with it. We already know that Google Play users are able to purchase music, keep and listen to their songs online. Additionally, both music services will have the option of paid subscriptions in return for which users will receive additional benefits.

While many production houses are still reluctant to provide the benefits of content supported by advertising, preferring paid subscription model, more and more users are attracted to the option indicates they can listen to music for free. And paid subscription option is part of many users willing to pay to not be bothered with advertising messages and get access to a range of additional facilities.

Later came the market, YouTube Music Service will get serious competition from online music services already well established: Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, muvee Music and SoundCloud - some with up to 5 million users with paid subscriptions. The difference is that YouTube already enjoys a large audience for its streaming video service - more than 800 million unique visitors each month - providing a huge market for record companies and independent artists.