Plain and simple, who is your least favorite NFL team and why?

Just like in any other sport, there are certain teams that just give you a bad feeling. Sometimes it’s just that the team doesn't inspire you and sometimes they are too successful. Perhaps the team just doesn't have pedigree; I don't know how it is for you.

I dislike the Patriots. I watched many of their games when they were destroying other teams, but I could never bring myself to jump on the band wagon. Perhaps the whole Brady, Belichick love fest left a bad taste in my mouth or maybe I disliked seeing a team dominate everyone else. Whatever the reason, I always felt satisfied when they lost and I was ecstatic when the Giants beat them in the Superbowl.

I kind of feel the same about some other NFL teams. The Steelers don't do anything for me. I enjoy it when they put on a brutal display of defense, but all too often, they just keep games dull until they win. On the other side, the Falcons seem character-less. Ok, I may have some issues.

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