I went shopping at the grocery store yesterday and I noticed the Powerball prize up on the digital board. I thought of that phrase, "You can't win it, if you aren't in it." I didn't buy a ticket because I don't do lotteries, but as usual I thought how nice it would be to get some easy money. The jackpot at that moment was about $444 million and rose to $448 million before it was over.

I was reading the news this morning that there were three winners in the drawing. One lives in Minnesota and two are in New Jersey. I know a couple of people in New Jersey. Maybe one of them got lucky!

So if I played, and if I won, what would I do with $448 million dollars? Anything I wanted. HA! Actually, I would need to learn to be a lot smarter about money and have a good lawyer. Then I would hide from my family that hasn't otherwise shown any interest in my life in the past twelve years. I know they would get a sudden interest in me.

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