I just learnt this while watching ‘Great Gear’ on NHK World. ‘Great Gear’ is a program on NHK World TV that introduces innovative Japanese products, gadgets and companies to the world.

Yoshi Ogasawara was the much appreciated presenter to this interesting program. I say ‘was’ because I just watched the latest edition of the program which ended with Yoshi Ogasawara announcing that he had presented the program for the last time. Instead, he will be pursuing his career as an artist and a designer. I wish him good luck. Everyone should be able to pursue his/ her dreams. Yoshi Ogasawara will be replaced by Matthew Barron.

I am sure Matthew Barron is a nice person too, but I will miss seeing Yoshi Ogasawara as a presenter! Well I must admit that I find him nice looking as well as a good presenter. Maybe NHK World could invite him to the program ‘Artisan x Designer’! I am sure he would be an excellent guest to the program as a featured designer.

Writing this, I do realize that some of you may not know what the fuss is about. Here is the link to Yoshi Ogasawara’s introduction page on NHK World TV’s website!


The website still features Yoshi Ogasawara as the program's presenter. I do wonder for how long this link will be up though!

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