Yamaha R15 2014 Indonesia 25 Million appearance on the quiz show MotoGP Qatar 2014 Trans 7 has hinted Yamaha R15 will soon land in Indonesia . The presence of Yamaha R15 on display at the 2014 MotoGP Trans 7 on Monday ( 3/24/2014 ) morning has sparked questions motorcycle enthusiasts , whether Yamaha R15 2014 officially been paved in Indonesia ? and what the price of Yamaha R15 Indonesia ? Indeed, there has been no statement about the launch and the official price of Yamaha R15 2014 Indonesia , but at least the quiz show appearance in the MotoGP Qatar 2014 Trans 7 Yamaha R15 has hinted that it will soon be landing soon in Indonesia .

Regarding Yamaha R15 from one of Indonesia's major news sites around Rp 25 million and provide information that Yamaha R15 motor sport 150 cc air- fairing it first appeared in 2008 , and the 2nd version appeared in September 2011 became popular in India and be a 3rd version . Regarding Yamaha R15 specifications focus on performance factors , which support the achievement of the ECU torque is plentiful , the addition of power to 19 PS and 16 Nm of torque .

Source: http://goo.gl/SKJw5O