I do not understand what is happening with some accounts of yahoo mails.

Today my husband realized his email account was blocked so he could not access his account no way.After many trials he consider to get help from yahoo helper, so he went to recover password to alternative emails. Surprise, surprise, that account was blocked too.

Then tried another one, same situation.So all his 3-4 emails accounts are in the same situation.He was so pissed off so he made another yahoo account.

Few moments ago he tried to send to someone else a mail, and he wanted to see if the person (his father in fact) got the mail, so he tried to enter his father' mail, as he allowed him, and what to see? same situation. The account is blocked!

What is happening to YAHOO these days? It can make you mad, climbing the wall.I hope is just a checking accounts test and they will come back again soon, otherwise it can be very unpleasent for them as a company.

I realized now how dependent of mails, phone, internet, can we be !

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