Ever since Dylan McAvoy stepped foot into Geona City, he’s become one of the show’s favorite leading men. With his good lucks and caring personality he could have his pick of any woman. He’s already established relationships with 3 women: Avery, Sharon, and Chelsea.

As with all soap couples, viewers are split on who Dylan should be with, and as a fan myself I have my opinion on who’s the right woman for Dylan.

Avery: She's the reason Dylan came into town in the first place. Dylan was hoping to reunite with his ex; however he was left heartbroken to learn of her engagement to Nick. Viewers have been able to learn more of Dylan and Avery's relationship through flashbacks, and even though they're trying to leave everything in the past, I feel there's more to come for this couple. I would love to see Avery wise up and dump Nick (I was never a fan of this pairing to begin with) and reunite with her true love.

Sharon: The scenes with Dylan and Sharon playing with her daughter Faith melted my heart and had me rooting for this couple. Even though there was teasing of a potential romance, Dylan and Sharon have been downgraded to just being friends. However, it would be great to see their relationship develop into something more and I think they could become the next hot couple on Y&R.

Chelsea: Out of all the women, she's my least favorite. Steve Burton and Melissa Claire Egan are great actors; however I'm not feeling the chemistry between their characters. Perhaps I'd like them more if Chelsea was manipulating him. Dylan's excitement about being a father will be shattered once the baby's true paternity is revealed, then Chelsea will feel bad for lying to him and beg for forgiveness. If Chelsea doesn't want to break Dylan's heart, than the best thing she can do is tell him the truth before somebody gets hurt.

So in my opinion the two best choices for Dylan are Avery and Sharon, not only does he have chemistry with them, but it will also add to his rivalry with Nick.