There’s been a lot of recasts lately on Y&R and we can add Kelly to the latest character to be recast. It was announced a few weeks ago that Cynthia Watros would be leaving to work on another show. Since Kelly’s in the middle of a big storyline at the moment, the producers didn’t waste any time in finding a replacement.

Daytime fan favorite Cady McClain, who many remember from All My Children and As the World Turns, will be stepping in as the new Kelly. McClain is a big name in soap opera history and she’s sure to attract viewers to Y&R, however I don’t think she’s a good choice for the role.

Kelly’s been portrayed as more of a vixen due to her causing trouble in Billy’s marriage, whereas McClain’s been known to play heroine roles. Although, I’m certain Cady could portray a villain, I just can’t picture it.

Another reason I have trouble with this recast is the chemistry with other characters. The only character I’m looking forward to her interacting with is Victoria, McClain and Amelia Heinle will no doubt produce Y&R next great rivalry. As for Stitch and Billy, she’ll have a bit more chemistry with Stitch and a romance will emerge between the two. With Billy, I see zero connection, especially romantically.

So Y&R fans are you excited about Cady McClain joining the show? Do you think she’ll make a good Kelly?

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