Everybody in Genoa City believes Adam's dead, but Y&R viewers know he’s still alive. It's only a matter of time before he makes his presence known.

Here's a couple of scenarios on how I think Adam will make his grand return:

1 Delia's Gala

This scenario may seem like the most unlikely since it’s too soon. The gala for Delia’s charity is coming up and Adam could show up to make amends. Even though odds are Adam won’t be revealed to the guests, he’ll make his presence known by offering an anonymous donation or watching the gala from afar.

2 Billy is Arrested

The cops find out Billy shot Adam and arrest him for murder. While he's in jail, Victor learns that Adam's alive and instead of bringing him back to town, he's keeps him hidden so Billy will go to prison and it will lead to the end of Victoria’s marriage. At first Adam complies with his father, but when he learns about Billy he returns to town just as the trial is about to start.

3 The Real Hit and Run Driver is Revealed

Many fans are waiting to see if Y&R pulls a plot twist and reveal that Adam wasn’t the driver. If new evidence surfaces and Adam’s cleared of the charges, then that’s all the more reason for him to return and start his life over again.

Photo credit: Salvatore Vuono and FreeDigitalPhotos.net