Noah hasn’t had much of a storyline on Y&R, there was his romance with Adriana but that was a bore. Then he moved on to Courtney and even though things are heating up between the two, they have zero chemistry. When he’s not busy pursuing Courtney, Noah is trying to figure out what to do with his life. He’s already had a string of jobs as a bartender and photographer, but now it looks like he could be entering into the corporate world.

Victor offered his grandson an opportunity to come work for him, and although Noah said he’d never go into the family business it looks like he may be changing his mind.

If Noah does go to work for Victor there’s one person who won’t be happy; Nick.

Before becoming a nightclub owner, Nick worked at Newman Enterprises and he and his father constantly butted heads. Nick saw firsthand how the business destroyed their family and how it can change a person. Nick’s always wanted to keep his kids away from that lifestyle and when he learns about Victor’s plan to use Noah, he’s going to be furious. This could lead to friction not only between Nick and Victor, but also Nick and Noah. Nick will try to talk his son out of the job, but Noah will ignore his father’s advice.

Victor will be happy to have his grandson onboard, but that won’t last for long. The Newmans thrive on drama, especially in the business world and I have a feeling Noah will enjoy the power and prestige that comes along with his new job. Once he does, he’ll want more and before too long he’ll stab dear old granddad in the back.

This story arc could work in so many ways and I think it’ll be a good fit for Noah. At least it’ll make him more interesting and get him away from the teen crowd.

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