This week soap fans said goodbye to Y&R’s favorite redhead, Phyllis. Whether you loved or hated her, you have to admit Phyllis was a fascinating character.

I thought the writers did a good job of writing Phyllis off the show; however there were a few things that bothered me. First off, the Sharon and Phyllis confrontation scene didn’t live up to its expectations. The use of an actual stairway didn’t fit well and took me away from the scene. Secondly, from the rumors I read I thought the women would get into a catfight and Sharon would push Phyllis down the stairs. Instead Phyllis tripped while trying to grab her cell phone from Sharon. Either way Sharon’s going to get blamed and pay for her role in Phyllis’ accident.

Now, one thing I did like about Phyllis’ exit is how her family reminisced about her and the flashbacks that were shown (although I don’t understand why most of Nick’s flashbacks consisted of him and Phyllis having sex).

I also loved how the writers bought Daniel back, but I think it was unfair how the rest of the family treated him when he suggested taking Phyllis to Georgia. I understand they didn’t want her to be taken away, but Daniel was only trying to help and besides I’d trust any hospital but the one in Genoa City.

The bright side of all of this is the writers leave the door open for a possible Phyllis return. And I’m hoping the producers will recast the role and have Phyllis come back to expose Sharon’s secret and wreak havoc on Genoa City.