It’s been two months since Phyllis’ departure from the show and viewers were left wondering if Phyllis would ever return. Well, today’s episode gave hope to Phyllis fans as she squeezed Jack’s hand leading many to believe that everybody’s favorite redhead is coming back.

So does this mean that Phyllis will be returning to Genoa City soon?

All signs seem to be pointing to Phyllis waking up from her coma and this is bad news for Sharon, who’s now in panic mode that her secret will be revealed. I, like many fans would love to see Phyllis return and expose Sharon’s role in Summer’s paternity switch. However, I don’t see a Phyllis return happening anytime soon.

I think the writers are going to continue dragging out Sharon’s storyline until the end of the year. Then Sharon’s going to reach her breaking point and confess everything, earning her the wrath of Jack, Nick, Summer, and The Newmans. Once the truth is revealed, that’s when Phyllis will awake from her coma and make her much needed return to Genoa City, so she can comfort her daughter and get revenge on Sharon.

While we may not see Phyllis anytime soon, let’s hope that by 2014 Ms. Summers will be returning to Y&R.

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