Spoiler alert, it turns out Dylan McAvoy is part of Genoa City’s two prime families: The Abbotts and The Newmans.

It has been speculated for a while that Dylan would eventually be tied to other core characters on the show, and now viewers will learn that he’s Jack and Nikki’s son. While, this seems like a great storyline, many fans are left scratching their heads and wondering how it’s possible that Jack and Nikki’s son could be alive when he died at birth. This whole thing is confusing, but this is a soap opera and they have a tendency to rewrite history no matter how stupid it is. (Remember on All My Children when it was revealed Josh was Erica’s son?).

According to rumors, Victor is the one behind the baby switch storyline and if it turns out to be true this will lead to Nikki and Victor’s next divorce. Also, it’ll mean another round in the ongoing Victor/Jack feud.

Although, some fans may not like the upcoming storyline, I think it’ll be a good way to improve Dylan’s character. It’d be great to see Dylan struggle with the realization that his whole life has been a lie and that Jack and Nikki are his real parents. Anything that will get Dylan away from Chelsea, I’m all for it. Speaking of which, when the truth comes out about Connor being Adam’s son, I hope Nikki will lay into Chelsea and this will spark the beginning of a new feud.

Also, let’s not forget how this new revelation will affect Nick and Adam, who have shown their dislike for Mr. McAvoy. Don’t expect Nick to welcome his new brother into the family with open arms, and he’ll be worried about Avery now that Dylan will be a part of their lives for good. As for Adam, I think he’ll feel some jealousy when he learns that Dylan is the son of his best friend Jack, and I think this will cause some friction in Adam and Jack’s relationship.

Even if you agree or disagree with the upcoming storyline, you have to admit it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.