Upcoming spoilers indicate that tragedy is going to strike in Genoa City and one rumor that’s been floating around is that Delia will be killed off. Based on previews for tomorrow’s episode, it looks like the rumor is true.

Speculation about Delia first began when a fall preview mentioned that Chloe, Billy, and Victoria would have to deal with a troubling situation. In a previous Y&R episode, Billy gave his Delia a dog as a present and when the canine ran off Delia went chasing after him, which led to Billy and Chloe giving her a stern lecture.

This has lead viewers to believe that Delia will be killed off and many of them are up in arms about the rumor. Fans have been posting their outrage on Y&R forums, expressing their disgust over the storyline. I’m also in agreement with the fans on this matter. Even though, it’s going to be an emotional storyline and it already has people talking, I don’t see the need in killing off Delia. She’s an innocent child and the way Billy, Chloe, and Kevin dote on her is cute. It’s going to be heartbreaking to watch them as they deal with their grief, especially Billy who’ll blame himself for what happened to Delia.

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