The rumors about Delia are true, for weeks the Y&R forums have been active with speculation that Delia was going to get hit by a car leading to her death. At the moment all signs are pointing to Adam as the driver who hit Delia. He was driving down the road when Dash ran out in front of him and he swerved to the side of the road where Delia was hiding. Previews also show Chavez finding a piece of glass missing from the headlight of Adam’s car.

Adam seems like the obvious choice and if it was him, this will cause more anger in Billy, Victoria, Chloe, and Kevin, who already hate him. However, I think the writers are misleading us and Adam wasn’t the one who hit Delia.

So who else could it be?

Well, if viewers paid close attention to yesterday’s episode, they knew Nikki was also on the road at the same time as Adam. After her showdown with Victor, Nikki was upset and her mind’s been preoccupied with thoughts about her other son. It’s possible she could’ve been distracted and ran over Delia without even noticing.

In my opinion, I think Nikki will be revealed as the driver. One reason is because unlike Adam, everybody is going to be quick to forgive her. Second, this how she’ll tell her family about her secret son. And third, this will lead to trouble between Billy and Victoria. Even though Victoria will be quick to forgive and support her mom, I don’t see the same sentiments coming from Billy. I think this could be the wedge that tears Billy and Victoria apart.

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