Y&R viewers were reaching for their tissues today as Billy received the devastating news that his daughter had died. Although many fans knew the dreaded moment was coming, they weren’t prepared for the heartache as they watched Billy, Victoria, and Chloe’s reactions.

My heart sank as Billy begged his daughter to come back to him and he thought about all the big milestones that were to come in his daughter’s life (moments that he was robbed of). And who didn’t cry at Chloe’s reaction when she went into the hospital room and Billy informed her of Delia’s death. The next couple of weeks are going to be heartbreaking as Billy and Chloe say goodbye to their little girl and deal with their grief.

On a sidenote, I have to say I’m still against the writers killing Delia off. I know it was so her corneas could be donated to Connor; however I find it hard to believe there wasn’t another donor already available. Secondly, if the writers had to kill someone off, why couldn’t it have been Mason or Hillary? Those two are useless and serve no purpose.

Delia was a member of one of Y&R’s pivotal families and even though she was a young child, she did play an integral part in a couple of storylines. And I think as Delia grew older, there was potential for her, especially being stuck in the middle of the Abbott/Newman family feud. But we’ll never know what could’ve become of sweet, little Delia.

Instead, we have to say goodbye to a girl whose life ended way too soon.

Photo credit: Yahoo Images and http://theyoungandtherestless.wikia.com/wiki/Delia_Abbott