Recently, exes Billy and Chloe have been put together in a few scenes. The first moment involved Billy comforting Chloe over her split with Kevin. Victoria spotted their embrace and is now suspicious that her husband is having an affair with Chloe.

In today’s episode, Victoria once again busted in on Billy and Chloe who were in the midst of having a discussion. Victoria accused them of having an affair, and even though both of them denied it, I have a feeling we’ll see a possible reunion between the couple.

Both Chloe and Billy's marriages are in trouble. Chloe recently ended her marriage to Kevin after she became fed up with his lying and robbing houses. I'm a Kevin and Chloe fan, however their relationship has became stale and it's time to shake things up with them.

As for Billy and Victoria, their relationship is on shaky ground due to the stress of trying to have a baby, Billy's secret gambling, and Victoria's obsession with Newman Enterprises. Again, I'm also a fan of this couple, yet Victoria's transformation and the way she treats Billy gets on my nerves, so I think it's time Billy found a new woman.

Billy and Chloe haven't exactly had the best relationship, but they've tried to remain friendly for the sake of their daughter Delia. However, I believe it's time for them to rekindle their relationship. Billy has shown his support for Chloe as she goes through her divorce and I'm sure Chloe will be supportive of Billy as he opens up about his marital problems and his gambling addiction.

I feel that their friendship could turn into much more and plus they’d be one of the best and exciting couples the show’s had in a long time.

I don't know about anybody else, but I say bring on a Chloe/Billy pairing.