Have you heard of XtraMath? It is an awesome non-profit math site that was started in 2007. Anyone can sign up for free. Awesome right?!

It is an individualized math practice website that requires about five minutes of practice a day (we usually practice 3 times per week). Teachers often sign up their whole class.

We use my ipad for this but you can use pretty much anything that has an Internet connection.

Think of xtramath as digital flash cards with progress reports. It has addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My daughter is almost done with the addition. I'll have to let her choose a big prize when she finishes.

Here is the website to get started: http://xtramath.org/

This is a screenshot of my daughter's progress report on her addition facts. We want them all to be green. She's getting close!

What do you use to help your kids memorize their math facts?

I originally posted an article on XtraMath here: our-home-school.blogspot.com/


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