My review of Postloop.

As a follow up to my post "Good Sites Similar To Bubblews?" I am posting reviews based on my experiences with alternative writing sites.

This post is my review of Postloop, a paid writing site where you earn by posting and commenting on blogs and forums.

Pros - Reliable and fast payouts - Variety of different audiences

Cons - Must post 10 times first to qualify as a member - You have to sign up to each forum - Topics are more restrictive - Ratings are inconsistent - Each forum has different posting requirements - Different forums and blogs require different ratings

Having written for a range of sites, I must admit to being very disappointed with Postloop.

Many readers here at Bubblews are familiar with my writing standards. On Postloop I received an overall rating of just 4.0 out of 5.0. This greatly restricted the number of forums I could access, with 8 of the 20 forums regarding computing requiring a higher rating! I have to admit, this really made me angry. I am a good writer dammit!

The ratings given to writers for posts and comments was completely inconsistent, with some posts that were off topic and barely readable being given high ratings, while longer posts on topic and well written received lower ratings.

Another big drawback of using Postloop is the differences in requirements for each forum. As you can see below, this is also inconsistent, and at times they have even forums listed that will not allow you to earn with them!

Comparing the amount earned against the time required, Postloop fell far short of sites like Bubblews, Hubpages and Squidoo.

Overall I did not enjoy using Postloop.

Yes, their support turn around is good, and they do pay on time, but if you are just trying to make some cash you would have more fun flipping burgers.

I will definitely not continue to write on Postloop, nor would I recommend it to others.

Have you tried Postloop? What was your experience?

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