Writer's Domain was suggested to me as another source of online income. This site is set up as a content clearing house. Clients request articles and registered authors select the assignments.

Articles are typically fairly short, perhaps 200 to 250 words. The person who mentioned the site said that they earned a substantial amount of money there in one day.

Checking into the site, I found that new users were required to submit a writing sample. This was to be written about a topic of the site's choice. Possible topics were "New York Criminal Law", "Utah Lawn Care" or another which was similar. I chose the Utah lawn care. Not that I knew anything about the topic, but I thought at least I knew more about lawns than the other topics.

I wrote a 249 word article. The site provides a word counter on the submission form. There is an automatic spell check feature. Quality content was important for this sample. When I was complete, about 4 paragraphs, I submitted the sample. I was then informed that they would review my submission and let me know. I was also given a grammar test to complete.

The grammar test was timed so that I could not take more than 10 minutes to complete it. There were 30 questions. Some were quite obvious like which of the words below would be correct: The girl was __________ to go to the movie. 1) Aloud 2) Allowed

I took just under 5 minutes to complete the test. I received a correct score of 26/30, which was a pass. I was not informed of my incorrect answers.

Writer's Domain may prove to be useful as a complement to my Bubblews work. Time will tell. #writing #content #author #post