I should start off by saying that I did not plan for it to look like this, and if there was no video for the "Wrecking Ball" no one else would have looked at it like this either. I needed some place to put the Zorf, the Elf, and I wanted it to be in my girls bedroom. Obviously, up high is best so that he isn't touched and loses his magic. I chose an ornament from the girls window that we decorated yesterday.

The day goes by and I walk into my girls room to get the dirty clothes and I look up at him and realize that he looks like he is imitating Miley Cyrus in her video "Wrecking Ball." "Great" I think to myself. "What a lovely image." At least my kids have no idea since they've never seen the video.

#ElfontheShelf #WreckingBall #MileyCyrus

Photo Credit: Mommymaize (myself)