Just dropped my 21-month old to the daycare, and I am feeling the working-mom guilt once more ...

I have a full-time IT job that I work remotely from home full-time (for which I am very thankful for, especially on a Friday LOL) and requires me to put in some overtime hours. I used to hire a nanny full-time (and she is great!) since I went back to work after having a baby and it worked out great for about a year. Recently (about 3 months ago) we started taking her to daycare part-time (two days a week) and I still have the same nanny for the remaining 3 days of the week. Now, my toddler does not cry when I drop her off to the daycare but her cute little face would have the same solemn expression, she would hold my hands tightly or pull on my pants and just would not let me go until one of the teachers holds her, plays with her and distracts her (and it breaks me heart to see that). Now the teachers are great at this daycare and everyone loves her there and they have a low teacher to student ratio (1:5). It is not that she does not like it there (sometimes when I pick her up, she is having so much fun playing that she would not want to leave right away) but every time I drop her off in the morning it's difficult for me to have to go through the same process. I just hate the process of saying goodbye, even if it's just for another 7-8 hours.

Now they finally have a full-time spot for her starting end of August. I think I am going to miss her so much while she is at the daycare. Frankly though, I could concentrate so much better when she is not around yelling, running, dashing, trying to climb onto my computer chair all the time. And I know they have many activities that she enjoys at the daycare (like all the singing, dancing, water play, games etc). Plus, the cost of daycare is half of the cost of hiring a full-time nanny, and that makes a difference. But I just don't know if I have the heart to drop her off to the daycare every morning =(

Working mom/dad, how do you deal with the working-mom/dad guilt?

Stay-at-home mom/dad, any of you would like to go back to work again? Are you stay-at-home because this is what you want, or this is what makes sense because childcare is just too expensive? If you transition from working full-time to being a stay-at-home mom/dad, how hard is it for you? How do you make this work financially? I have a lot of respect for stay-at-home mom/dad because it's a really, really hard job! And it's especially hard for someone who does not have a lot of patience like me. I don't know if I can stay sane if I become a stay-at-home mom.

Future mom/dad and parents-to-be, If you don't have kids now and have a full-time job, do you think you will stay at home when you have one?

(Guiltily sipping my coffee with no toddler fighting to grab my cup from me while I type this)

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