Here is an example of motivation given by father Mario. Words of wisdom allows us to digest the meaning of the text. So from the motivations of others toward self-motivation that will easily applied in everyday life. Simply, let us consider the words of wisdom Mario Teguh:

Our job is not to succeed. Our job is to try, because in trying that we find and learn to build a chance to succeed.

If you do not find a job that suits your talents, whatever your job bakatilah Now. You will appear as bright as the gifted.

If you're right, and if you're wrong, do not be too scared. Balance is the determinant of the accuracy of the attitude you ride

Your weakness is only temporary, because you're strengthening it: but if you make an excuse for the lack of good results, it becomes a permanent weakness.

Affection is affection builder. Do not demand the attention and affection from your partner, if you do not start your claim.

If we just do what we know, when we will get new knowledge? Doing what we do not know is the door to knowledge.

He who refused to renew the ways it works is no longer produced, act like those who continue to squeeze the straw to get the milk.

Only the fear that can be courageous, because courage is doing something that is feared. So, if feeling afraid, you have a chance to be brave.

The more you want, the more who only live so desire. Focus on one goal allowed the achievement of many desires.

People who stop learning will be the owner of the past. People are still learning, will become the owner of the future.

Pain in the past it happened once. You do not want to repeat the thoughts and feelings, because the pain would have to double and frustrate you.