What story can you come up with using the word prompt words Squiggly Cheese? This is what came to me.

Squiggly Cheese

Bob always came out of his bedroom for a midnight snack. His snack of choice often included cookies or pie, or most of the time cheese and crackers. His wife did the grocery shopping and cooking. She always bought a variety of cheeses, often from around the world.

The local cheese shop was a quaint little place, filled to the rafters with cheese, cheese ads and related cutting and display wares fro serving cheese. The old fashioned wooden counter looked like something out of a dated western town, complete with glass jars filled with candies of every shape and colour. Mr. van der Heijden offered samples of a variety of his cheeses to all his customers.

Over the years the little shop had developed quite a loyal following. Mr. van der Heijden had a thriving business. He often went on buying sprees around the world, whenever he heard about new varieties he didn’t carry yet in his shop. He carried everything from the traditional to the bizarre.

Bob’s wife was a frequent shopper at van der Heijden’s Cheeses. She loved surprising Bob with new types of cheese. They had developed a rating system for every cheese, which she always shared with the friendly cheese shop owner. He valued their astute and detailed reviews of each cheese they tried.

Bob was blurry eyed and overly tired from too many activities and a stressful week at work when he went to the kitchen to get his nightly snack that night. He reached into the refrigerator without looking, and grabbed the first plate off the refrigerator shelf, where all the cheeses were kept.

Only the soft glow of the kitchen nightlight lit the table with its soft red muted colour, giving everything its light touched an other world feel. Bob found it soothing to sit in the soft muted and calming glow while he snacked each night. He didn’t need the glaring overhead light of the kitchen on to partake of his nightly ritual. He sat in the wooden captain’s chair, savouring every bite of this new oddly textured cheese. It was laced with soft areas of squishy nuggets that when bitten into were loaded with a tart liquid center. He decided his wife would need to try this new cheese too so they could give it a detailed review to Wim van der Heijden. “It does leave an odd bitter aftertaste,” he said.

He finished his snack, put the dish in the sink and shuffled off to bed, bone tired.

Bob walked out to a ruckus in the kitchen the next morning. His wife and son were in a heated discussion. “I swear, Mom, I DID do my science experiment! I left it right here,” he said opening the door and tapping his hand repeatedly on the refrigerator shelf that held all the cheeses.

Bob, blanched and asked his 10-year-old son, “Just exactly what was your science experiment?”

His son grinned at Bob proudly and said, “Worms and cheese, Dad! It was cool too. They dug little nests right inside the cheese I had in a box in my closet for three weeks. I put it in the fridge so I wouldn’t forget it when I got my lunch bag out to take to school this morning, but the plate is GONE.”

Bob stood at the kitchen sink suddenly feeling queasy. He looked down in the small pile of dirty dishes at a pair of worms crawling on his unrinsed snack plate left from his midnight forage. He asked his son, “What was the title of your science project?”

His son beamed proudly from ear to ear and said, “SQUIGGLY CHEESE!”

Bob ran to the bathroom at an unprecedented early morning, no coffee yet, speed, with his hand pressed over his mouth. He slammed the door behind himself hard enough to make the wall vibrate, leaving his wife and son staring after him in puzzlement.


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