What an AWESOME way to end 2013 and BEGIN 2014!! I am LESS Then $4 from my FIRST of many $50 redemptions!! I could never have done it without you guyz by my side and I will be the first to admit it did not happen as quickly as I thought it would!!

WHO CARES!! I had a blast getting there and it is JUST THE BEGINNING!! It is ALSO perfect timing!! It is going to get money into my account in time to cover my Netflix payment and give me enough to buy my Hubby a Birthday present!!

How are you guyz doing for your FIRST $50 redemption?? How close are you if you are still enroute?? If you have already been blessed with that FIRST one, How long did it take to hit redeem and how long did it take to be paid?? Enquiring minds want to know!!

Happy Bubbling!! MAJOR (Thumbs Up) :D ♥

Photo Credit: www.sodahead.com