Warning! This story may make you cry!

Laura Cunlifee has been released on bail and is due to return to court next month after she cooked her four month old kitten in a microwave. Laura put the kitten in the oven because she though the cat had attacked her goldfish. The RSPCA said they had never seen something so cruel. Laura cunlifee has been repeatedly section under the Mental Health Act, although we don't know what for, she has also been banned for owing animlals for life.

I've always said that people who hurt animals are the lowest of the low. She torture an innocent animal is beyond evil. The suffering this animal much have gone through. I hope this womn is haunted by her actions although I doubt she will be.

Article Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/laura-cunliffe-microwaved-kitten-five-3169126

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