Note: If you haven't read my past 2 posts, about Belloq (Zafaria, Waterfront) and Belloq (Azteca, Three Points) I suggest you read them or this will make no sense. Thanks! :)

Hello guys once again! Now, I know you're probably bored of Belloq appearing 2 times, well guess what. He is back again, in Azteca, Twin Giants! This is the probably the hardest version of him so far, so this will be the toughest guide to make about him, but lets get started!

You will see him in the wings of the obsidian butterfly shrine (funny name I know). Now this time he has cheats unlike the visit we made to him in Three Points. But instead of the Ra cheat, he has more! So here are the cheats: If you do not attack him in a round he will say "I thought you were here to hurt me!" and cast a 0 pip Ra with a base of 1,200 (less then the time in waterfront) BUT every round you don't attack him the spell well increase by another 200 damage, the limit it will go up without any blades and traps and critical but with the 200 increase each round is 1,800. Another cheat is his minions will cast a triage (removes damage over time spells) on Belloq if there are damage over time spells on him, so fire will have a hard time with him due to almost all their spells having damage over time. He is also immune to Beguile and stun, and instead of a normal hex which is +30% he uses a hex that has +35%. Finally, this boss has a death mastery, so the death spells he uses are wraith, feint, mass infection, and poison. A lot of cheats haha.

Now it is very important you attack him every round, or he uses a 0 pip ra that can do a lot of damage. This is gonna be the same on how to defeat him and the minion as it was for waterfront version of him.

1 person will do rank 1 and 2 spells, to hit Belloq every round, causing him not to ra. The second person will do the big attacks, killing Belloq and the minion. The 3rd person will heal other players and shield, and generally keep them alive. Note: Do not bring traps! The person who does rank 1 and 2 spells will use them. This is solution I did and beat it and many other people did it.

STATS FOR BELLOQ (Twin Giants): Rank 13 Boss 23,335 health Creature Type: Elephant Balance School 30% Boost damage to Belloq for life, myth, and death 80% resist to balance Wand spell/Physical Attack: Does 90 damage per pip.

STATS FOR Grim Calaca (Minion): Rank 13 Elite People don't know the creature class yet.. Ice school 45% damage to Grim Calaca for fire and myth 40% to ice Wand spell/ Physical Attack: Does 120 damage per pip NOTE: This minion casts Lord of Winter which is the level 88 ice spell, be aware of that!

Well thats it guys. Thats the last time you see him SO far. I don't know if he will come again in the new worlds, but if he does I will make a new post about it! This is one of my favorite bosses, as he keeps coming back, and always has stupid funny jokes haha.

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