I have been following the television show called Witches of East End. Witches of East End comes on lifetime movie network on Sunday nights. This past Sunday was the season finale. This movie was about witches, secrets, love, pain and a bit of revenge. The main characters in this television series is Joanna (the mother), Wendy (the sister), Freya and Ingrid, which are the children of Joanna. When I first started watching this show, I thought it was just not something I would be happy to watch Sunday after Sunday. Each week I watched and the show really caught my attention as I waited each week for the show to come back to continue where it left off. Since, the premiere to the ending of the finale. I must say, this was one of my favorite television shows that I have really enjoyed following. Each witch has different powers. The mother, Joanna is one of the strongest witches, Wendy can transform herself into a black cat, Ingrid can create potions and write spell, Freya can read people. Each actress was very good in playing their part. There are quite a few interesting characters and these were the main three that had my attention the most. The actors I began to like as the show was near the end is Dash and Killian who will later find out they are witches as well, but because their mother Penelope took their powers, they were just normal men until the finale. Which is another reason as to why I'm glad there will be a season two to find out how they feel about their powers they will have.

In 2014, they are suppose to come back with a new season with one of the witches opening up the forbidden wall, which was to keep all the bad witches out and from hunting and killing their family. However, it wasn't her fault as someone had that witch at gun point and she was force to open the wall. So, I am waiting for this show to come back and I will be definitely, tuned back in for more of what Witches of East End have to bring.

Has you watch this show? If you did, Did you find it interesting or not watching it?