Have you ever tried joining a lot of giveaway from different blogs? How does it feel? More so, how does it feel when you finally won the giveaway you joined? Is it overwhelming? What is your next action?

I have been joining a lot of giveaways early this year. I am so fascinated about Laureen Uy’s giveaways back then (Laureen Uy’s blog is the first blog I read). Her giveaways are very alluring and tempting. As human as we are, we want stuff that are free. It entices me to join. I keep on visiting her blog everyday. Her features are very nice; she is an epitome of a fashion forward individual, well dressed and knows how to impress. Because of my fond to join her giveaways, I registered to Google or GFC. I was able to comment every now and then. I got frustrated because I never won even once. I am already convinced that it is not for me. I am not lucky, I should stop. Then I met askmewhats.com. It is the second blog I followed. I love her posts about beauty and other stuff in between. It is very informational and I love how she use make up to enhance her appearance. She also has a giveaway, I tried again. I told the screen of the computer I should won even one. God has heard my prayers, I finally won. The feeling is ecstatic. It is the feeling that finally the task that you keep on doing has finally realized.

To date, I have won more than 10 giveaways. It ranges from make-up, dress, bags, soap, sanitizers, DVD, cellphone and shorts to name a few. It is very fulfilling when you look at what you have achieved. But sometimes, when you achieved much, you lost the drive to push yourself to do more. This is the negative part winning, when it gets in to the head.

Winning is an illusion because it let’s you forget that because you won, it does not mean it is the end of the journey. Winning is only the start of a compelling journey to be better and to push yourself to strive more. Winning should be an attitude. Strive more. Do more.