I’ve heard several of my older friends say their Social Security checks would stop in the event of a Federal Government shutdown. Is that true? No, it’s not. Social Security checks will continue to be mailed. Social Security funding is written in permanently, so it doesn’t have to go through the appropriations approval. Depending on how many federal workers are forced to take furloughs, however, the checks might possibly be delayed. Almost 800,000 federal employees will stop working, and that could have a huge impact on many federal programs. Some agencies had a shutdown plan formulated to deal with possible shutdowns, while others weren’t that farsighted.

Medicare won’t be affected, either, at least not for a while. If the shutdown drags on, Medicare payments to doctors and health care facilities might not be processed because of a shortage of workers. When these agencies aren’t paid by Medicare, they’ll look to patients for full payments.

Can you imagine what would happen if Social Security checks stopped? Millions of Americans would be left with no monthly income, and most are too old or unable to get jobs for health reasons. These seniors and disabled individuals would lose their homes, their way of life, and possibly go hungry. This would be a travesty in a nation as wealthy as the United States. This is money people paid in for years while they were working.

Don’t worry, though. The president, the senators, and the representatives will all continue to get paid their regular salary. Doesn’t that make you feel better? I hope you’re picking up on my sarcasm. I’m laying it on pretty thickly.