Long suffering felt Lim ( 36 ) . The woman was a few years ' raped ' her husband because ML is often refuse an invitation from her husband .

Not many people believe the story when Lim said that her husband had raped her . People do not understand why he has told married woman can refuse sex .

"My friends , even my own mother told me that there is no such thing as a husband to rape his wife . Few even wonder why I even bother to get married if you hate sex , " Lim told The New Paper YourHealth quoted as saying on Wednesday ( 5 / 6/2013 ) .

Lim felt better survive some time to live with the monsters in order to rape her financially secure .

Lim blessed with a child after six years of household ark full of coercion . In an interview in 2007 , Lim behavior is not like other mothers . He looks cold adjust the distance between herself and the new baby was 15 months . His experience was that made hate and embarrassment if you see the baby . He did not even look at the baby and not be approached , even when the baby is crying .

" It took me so long before I could receive my little baby and began to confiscate it , " he said .

" I struggled for so long , trying to decide if I want to preserve my child , who was conceived of rape " .

Although it has been forced many times , turns to her husband's love Lim unchanged . He still remembers when her ex-husband living together and sharing the same bed together .

" I really love my husband even though the rapist . I just do not enjoy sex " .

Lim's condition got worse when he lost his job because often leave due to depression . Lim so could not leave her husband who is 10 years older .

" After the loss of a job , so I do not want to leave . He also threatened to cut off all benefits " .

After long consideration , Lim finally determined to split from her husband . Lim filed for divorce in 2010 .

" I just do not enjoy sex . If I had a choice , I would avoid it completely. Was very difficult for me . I would feel so tense before and depressed afterwards " .

Do not Want Sex

Reluctance to have sex make troubled relationship with ex-husband who is not actually evil . " It's just that after a while , he gets angry every time I refuse sex " .

Lim realized , her husband had an affair with one of his workers . But Lim could not blame him because it stems from him .

At one point , her husband became angry and abused her during a fight . Her ex-husband beat up two broken teeth .

" I think he was shocked when he realized what he had done and he kept saying sorry " .

Two months later , her husband came home and said that if he let go Lim . Lim was relieved , but he was not sure I could survive financially .

His mother insisted that this time all because mistakes do not perform the task as a wife . Lim has now been working and starting a new relationship .

" My mother was the type who believes that the traditional woman's place is home , taking care of husband and children " .

Source : viva.co.id

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