We all learn all thru our lives, from the time we can ask questions till the day we die. Sometimes the most useful question is just 3-letters long.... Why. With toddlers who are just getting to know the world they live in, they are always asking questions about everything! What they see, hear, what they can touch. And they want to know how thing's work and why thing's are the way they are.

Toddlers/pre-schoolers are infamous for asking why. The best educational question in the world! Why. They ask it to everything.....Why does this do that, Why is this like that, why, why, why. It's enough to drive parent's crazy!

As parent's, we like to know we do have the answers that will satisfy a toddlers growing mind. And sometimes, they ask the hard questions without knowing what they're asking. And as parent's we don't always have the answers for them.

Sometimes they ask it to embarrassing things, making it difficult for a parent to answer, so a child could understand. Like questions on death.....family break-up....sex. Maybe the parent themselves have their own Why questions.

So, even tho it may be a bit annoying at times.....never stop asking Why. It's how we learn....as toddlers, as teens, and as adults. A simple 3-letter word, yet 1 big word, could be the best question to ask in any classroom as a student just learning, or as a adult who keeps on learning.

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