There have been some rumors going around indicating Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been moved from the Playstation 3 to the Playstation 4. By having their highly-anticipated video game released for the next-generation system, Square Enix will greatly benefit.

The company has struggled in developing games for the Playstation 3, even admitting about their inability to create high-definition towns at one point. With the Playstation 4 being more developer friendly, Square Enix should have an easier time finishing their troublesome product.

Likewise, Sony’s new next-generation system is also coming out in the holiday season. Any Playstation 3 video game that will be released after the Playstation 4 launch, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII, would most likely be lost in the shadows of games with better graphics. The software sales will probably be disappointing especially when you consider the massive development time and budget being put into the project.

The platforms switch may also help Square Enix reinvigorate the struggling Final Fantasy brand after the disappointing Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV. By moving Final Fantasy Versus XIII to the Playstation 4, the company can start fresh and rebuild the momentum they have previously lost with the Playstation 3.