In “Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma” Mr. & Mrs. Sodhi have been replaced. All audience was surprised.

There is a question in the minds of the audience that suddenly in serial why this change has occurred. Why both of the characters went out from serial at same time?

”Jennifer Mistry” who was in Mrs. Roshan's role is pregnant and she did not even tell to the production house. ‘Gurucarana’ who play role of Mr. Roshan was indulged in the production house, at any time ‘Gurucarana’ was angry on production peoples. production house was annoying due to the ‘Gurucaranana’s this type of behavior and at the end channel put out that two characters, and the new characters have came.

Now, Mrs. Roshan's role is being played ‘Dilakhush’, and Mr Roshan's role has been played ‘Ladasingh Man’. Teliwood have been muttering that this will have a real impact on TRP to changing both characters. But the whole thrust of Serial is on the “Disha Vankani” and “Dilip Joshi”. These two characters will keep the TRP level as it is.

Mr and Mrs bhide’s daughter Sonu’ character was played by ‘Jill Mehta’. However, there are several reasons, the character changed to ‘Nidhi Bhanushali’. ‘Jill Mehta’ was become so tall so it would be harm to TRP so this character has to be changed to ‘Nidhi Bhanushali’

In early at starting the role of Dr. Hathi was played by ‘Nirmal Soni’ However, later the role was given to ‘Azad Kavi’. Now ‘Azad Kavi’ get the best fit for Dr. hathi’s character. Apart from the other person could not even imagine.

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