I don't buy prime rib. I grew up where we butchered out own meat and I refuse to spend ridiculous meat prices for cuts like prime rib. Tonight at work, my client was excited to tell me that we had prime rib left over from his family's Christmas dinner to heat up for our dinner. So we heated it up and had it with some potatoes and a bowl of fruit. Personally I liked the other stuff a lot better than the prime rib. It was the fattiest meat I have ever had. I had to cut off about half of it because I hate eating big chunks of fat. I think it's disgusting. I don't understand why people will pay so much for meat that is pretty much fat. I miss growing up with meat my dad had butchered. Every cut of meat my dad butchers is as lean as possible. You don't have to cut off several inches of fat just to get to the meat part. Yep I don't think prime rib is worth the money and I will never buy it myself. I hate leaving a bunch of stuff on my plate but I'm not going to eat that much fat and make myself sick.

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