In Ephesians 5:25-27, we see that God’s word is compared to water. How?

The verses compare God’s word to water’s ability to clean. Could we clean ourselves without water? It would be hard to do. We use water to wash and to take a bath. In the same manner, we can use God’s word to clean ourselves of defilements of flesh and spirit, of things that would make us unclean from God’s viewpoint.

Like we use water for daily cleansing, daily reading of the Bible will give us the means to clean ourselves spiritually.

In John 4:7-15, God’s word is compared to living water. What does that mean?

There can be no life without water. God’s word, like water, imparts life and the hope of everlasting life. A tree that gets plenty of water will stay alive and be productive. Daily Bible reading, meditation, and application will guide us on the road that leads to fountains of waters of life.

May we not let one day pass without using God’s word to clean ourselves and to nourish ourselves with God’s life-giving word! (See Revelation 22:1)

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