Swagbucks was the first rewards program I ever tried. I was excited when I found it and often spent quite a bit of time on there trying to earn enough swagbucks for a gift card or an item that I wanted from their rewards store. However, I soon realized that I was spending far too much time on the site for it to be worth the few rewards I earned. I don't like signing up for the special offers which generally just lead to your email box being overloaded and sometimes you still don't get the points. I stopped really using the search after it would take me twenty or so searches before I would ever earn anything. They never had coupons that I wanted to use. So mainly I only used the surveys to earn swagbucks. However, after spending ten minutes or so on a survey just to be told you don't qualify, it gets pretty annoying. This happened on several different surveys and the ones I did qualify on generally asked me all the questions I had just answered to qualify on the survey over again which wasted even more of my time. I soon discovered that there are far better ways to spend my time online if I want to earn a few dollars.

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