At the dawn of the 20th Century, during the 1900s, two opposing forces were at war against each other. On the one side was Thomas Alba Edison, the more famous and highly celebrated American Inventor representing the Direct Current Electricity. On the opposing side was the little known but scientifically literate Serbian, the great Electrical Engineer Nikola Tesla, who advocated the Alternating Current. The War of Currents, as it was famously termed at that time, was fiercely fought out by these two contenders. It was AC versus DC. The big prize of that great battle is the heart and loyalty of the entire American Market.

Thomas Alba Edison, the inventor of the incandescent lamp, was extremely determined to protect his investment in his own Electric company. He wanted to supply electricity to the entire America using Direct Current. But such feat turned out to be a big failure due to the inefficiency and impossibility of setting up electrical substations every 2 miles to distribute the direct current to every household.

Nikola Tesla, the genius scientist, inventor and Electrical Engineer, who owned more than 700 patents in his name, single-handedly designed in his mind the very first Hydro-Electric Plant in the world, utilizing the great power of Nature, the magnificent Niagara Falls. Consequently, as the result of such great design and construction, the entire city of Chicago at that time experienced, for the very first time, electrical lighting courtesy of the Alternating Current produced by Tesla's Hydro-Electric Plant! Tesla's alternating current was so efficient that it can be transmitted over a long distance by means of transformers and wires. Then the same AC current can be stepped down using the same transformer designed by Tesla himself. And the incandescent lamp, which took Edison long time to invent and be perfected and with countless trial and error method, only took 3 months for Tesla to produce a very efficient AC lamps, which was used in the electrification and illumination of Chicago.

Edison's Direct Current was no match against Nikola Tesla's Alternating Current. America embraced the AC Current. Tesla won the War of Currents. Eventually, this same Alternating Current that originated in the brilliant mind of the great Nikola Tesla became the standard electrical current used around the world. Hats off to one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Electrical Engineers and Inventors ever produced in the 20th Century: the one and only Nikola Tesla!!

This is the reason why I admire Nikola Tesla.

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