So why do we call it a funny bone? Whenever I hit my “Elbow“ on something I say “Arrgh my funny bone“, and then my dad says “Is it funny“ sometimes it is so confusing, I mean it automatically comes into my head when I hit my elbow on something “Funny Bone“ does anyone else find this confusing? I've always wondered about this, has anyone else wondered why we call it the funny bone? I know the physical reason why we call it a funny bone because it hurts and makes you cringe when u hit it hard. I just don't know the mental reason of it. Do any of you guys know the reason? Real confusing isn't it? I didn't want to google it I wanted to see if any of my connections or people on this site knew the reason so why don't you tell me if you the reason of my question? “Why do we call it a funny bone?“