One of the greatest pet peeves I have about online subscriptions is that when I am through reading or listening to the information that I opted in for then I unsubscribe from that list. That means I don’t want to hear from them again. Either by audio or by email, I have made a decision to go my separate ways through the unsubscribe link.

I get the confirmation that I indeed have been unsubscribed. I feel happy for the moment, but for the life of me I’ll eventually get another email a week or two later from the same marketer? Why? Some say it’s because the rotation of the messages haven’t had time to complete their cycle.

Baloney! Autoresponders work on the premise of sending out pre-defined emails based on the current lot of subscribers. When a person unsubscribes from a list then that is immediate. There is no lag time. What I believe happens is that the webmaster has it configured that when a subscriber elects to opt out then they get put into another list. This list is probably defined as unsubscribers or something like that. Then you can generate emails to come out at any time interval that you want. More than likely emails will come out in 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks or even 4 weeks.

My thinking is that these people think I may have forgotten that I unsubscribed and that another email from them will make me have a change of heart. I know what I did, and I remember why I unsubscribed. Then I get fed up with the whole ordeal and eventually just start receiving these emails again.

Is it legal, probably not, but try and convince someone that you already unsubscribed. Never happen buddy. So I’m relegated to creating another folder that I aptly name LISTS within my outlook and all future emails from that marketer will go into my own recycle bin. Then once a month they all get deleted. How do you come to grips with this type of problem?