Dr Mark Blagrove is professor of psychology at the University of Swansea and studying the "dreams" through scientific experiments and investigations ...Explain what are the dreams, how our personality affects what we see in our sleep but also refers to the grounds loved ones who are gone from your life, visit us in our dreams! "What do our dreams reveal?" Mark Blagrove: "Most dreams are related with the present and the situation we are in today. It is likely also can reveal information about past events.'s Most likely but still dreams to inform us about the present facts that may and do not know it's happening. For pararadeigma one dream can reveal your true feelings us us for a particular person who consciously may not have understood or not we want to admit. " "The character affects our dreams" Mark Blagrove: "The personality of each person also can affect dreams. Persons with creative character accustomed to seeing strange dreams longer storyline with intense emotions and transitions. Important also are the different levels of sleep. Sometimes we are in deep sleep where not seen a dream, while a few others are in active stages of sleep, where there is motion eye and the brain are particularly active. In this case the dreams grow! " "Why do the dead come in our sleep?"

Mark Blagrove: "Research has shown any ability to communicate with the dead while we are awake. Desire's see once again our beloved person who has died, is so great that it is likely to affect our dreams. Beyond the desire but there is the force of habit, everyday life experienced with these persons and which may come in our sleep in the form of memories. When we wake up from this dream we need to accept that it was a creation of our minds but a meeting-even-dream our own man. ' "Can a dead messages to convey to us in our sleep?" Mark Blagrove: "This does concern us scientists. Namely claim too many people that dream of someone dead and he conveys messages to the events that will occur in the future. From the standpoint of a scientist the only logical explanation is that the dreamer has an idea of ​​the developments of the future. So he confesses to himself through the deceased, information is hidden in the subconscious. Sorry but I do not have scientific evidence that indeed the dead come from the other world dreams of living and even reveal the things to come. I have to interpret such events based on psychology rather than metaphysics. What I suggest is next time you dream of yours that someone is dead, pay close attention to what you say are things that you do not dare to say to yourself while you're awake and disclose them at night through a dead person ! "