My BubbleWS user name is PerhapsPosting. Why?

Clearly, the mere use of a nickname (See what I did there?) is an attempt at online privacy. That’s a given.

But why am I PerhapsPosting?

I have two primary reasons for choosing this handle, or pseudonym, for my Bubbling activities.

First, when I joined this site, I was not sure what to expect. Several friends and writing colleagues crowed about BubbleWS, so I decided to dabble. Perhaps I would even post. (Did you get that?)

The second reason for PerhapsPosting has nothing to do with my writing or online activity. Those who know me are familiar with my love of horses. Any who understand a little about English riding will recognize the term “posting.” It’s what we do at the trot. We post. (Sure, sometimes we do a sitting trot, but often we post.)

Lately, I’ve been fighting my way back from a traumatic fall from a horse, which left me with severe injuries. Add that to a chronic physical condition, diagnosed several years ago, and it becomes a real challenge.

Now that I am riding again (after a too-long season out of the saddle), I am usually using a Western saddle. But I sometimes still post the trot, just to keep the rhythm and balance going. This would never pass in a horse show, but it helps for daily schooling.

So I am PerhapsPosting – at my desk and in the saddle.

Image by SAL – used by permission

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