On June 26, 1995, a driver fell asleep at the wheel in Emporia, Virginia and crashed into two pine trees. The driver and his passenger both died at the scene. While the driver was quickly identified, his passenger has remained unidentified for over 18 years. He was wearing a Grateful Dead shirt and in his pocket, the 18-25 year old male with dyed red hair was carrying two ticket stubs to Grateful Dead concerts, thus earning him the name, Grateful Doe. Who was Grateful Doe?

He had brown eyes, naturally dark blonde hair, a pierced ear, and a five pointed star tattoo on his upper left arm. He was 5’8” and 169 pounds. It is possible that he was a hitchhiker. Authorities were able to trace the tickets back to a man who sold them, but he did not remember who he sold them, too. Throughout the years, numerous missing men have been excluded as being Grateful Doe.

Photo is from https://www.facebook.com/GratefulDoe. Also check out that link for more information on the case. Check out https://identifyus.org/en/cases/6095 for even more information and contacts if you can help identify Grateful Doe.

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