Michele Knight.

The first young woman to be kidnapped and abused by Ariel Castro. Yet, the media only refers to her as "the third woman". That third woman has a face...she has a name and it is Michele Knight.

A young woman who's mother didn't even report her missing until two days had passed. After the original Missing Person's Report had been grabbed by the media - it is even more heart-breaking to read the mother had stated that Michele had suffered from a "mental disability", which is was said in the report that Michele "often became confused by her surroundings".

I would think, that if Michele became confused at times, where she was, that would seem to be even more urgent to find her daughter - instead of waiting two days later.

Michele Knight's story is a very sad story, from her childhood, to her abusive captivity to her rescue - which she still seems to be the "forgotten one".

I do hope, that part two of her life proceeds to be good to her, may she find peace and happiness the rest of her days...