The season is starting off, and all the teams are getting prepared for the NBA Championships. A recent comeback is Derrick Rose who's stepping his game up since he hasn't been playing in quite a while. Although, I'm the fan of the Miami Heat, and I was thrilled by how they took the win last year. They went up against the Spurs and it was a surprising win in Game 6; even myself, was surprised. At first, I thought, "how could they win with so little time?" until Ray Allen did his clutch shot for a 3 and made Miami get back on top. Game 7, Miami Heat takes the win again as champions, 2 times in a row! That was a thrilling success!

This season, all the teams are willing to give it their all to take it in the finals. Will Derrick Rose take the ring home for the first time? Or will Miami Heat prove to the NBA that they're the best team to ever play on the court? Unfortunately for the Chicago Bulls, they still yet have the chance to beat the Heat so far this season. I'd also like to know who you all think is the best player of the game. Not only that, but the best team.

Who I think is the best player? It's hard to say; there's many talented players in the game. Although, I do like how Kevin Durant plays, most of the times I see him putting in shots like it's nothing. Also, even Kyrie from the Cavaliers; I like his footwork and crossovers. Last time, he crossed over like 3 people! I'd say he is one of the best in the NBA when it comes to cross overs, even better than Derrick Rose's.

The best team? Of course, I'd say the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and the Oklahoma Thunder. Those three teams had history and one of the star players in the game. However, I'd like to hear from everyone else:

Who do you think will take the win this season?

Who do you think is the best player in the NBA?

Who do you think is the team in the NBA?

I'd like to hear from all of your opinions. Most people say that LeBron or Kobe are the best in the NBA, because they're both so competitive against other players in the NBA, but there's more people out there who has good skills just as they do. Even the most popular debate is between the two: Why doesn't anyone else debate against people such as Chris Paul and Derrick Rose as the best point guard? Or, Micheal Jordan Vs. Kobe Bryant? Knowing that Kobe did steal MJ's moves and there's many videos on youtube with proof, and Micheal Jordan himself even said his stole his moves. Although, I'm still interested in opinions from all of you.