Winter is dragging on and you may be wondering when that official mark of Spring will be here: when does daylight savings begin in 2014?!

On March 9, 2014 at 2 a.m. we move the clocks forward for the beginning of daylight savings. The way to remember if we set the clocks back or ahead is the phrase "Fall Back, Spring Ahead" or "Fall Back, Spring Forward"

Don't despair! Your day will be starting an hour earlier, but it means that more daylight, longer days, pretty flowers, and please God, no more snow!

If you have a clock that automatically updates for daylight savings that is older than 2007, your clock won't move ahead one hour until April. You will need to manually move your clock ahead one hour and readjust it again in April. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 extended daylight savings time by three weeks. Since 2007, Daylight Savings begins in March.

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