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Believe me, I have been writing for almost six years and I have accumulated several articles while writing in different sites. I have kept those articles in my USB. In fact, in the past I have 3 USB’s where all my written works were kept.

But then they are not always safe if you don’t know how to take care of them. My first USB broke because I haven’t checked it and it was overloaded. When a USB is overloaded the contents cannot be retrieved anymore. So, I almost cried when my first USB broke. Almost two thousand articles were stored there. I was heartbroken.

I forgot all about that broken flash drive but my 2nd USB once again met the same fate when my nephew broke it.

The third one was again overloaded.

Now I have 2 more flash drives that I am making sure not to lose again. But not half of my written works were retrieved. It’s heart shattering when you have worked so hard then it suddenly disappears in a wink of an eye. But I am working on my articles again and slowly getting them back.

I have learned a lesson from the sad fate of my articles. If you want your entire works safe, you have to take care of them and find a reliable storage to use.

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