Whatever Happened to Roger Staubach? >> He's ALIVE and is STILL >>>

In 1963, Roger Staubach was so good at football that he was the first non-senior to win the Heisman Trophy. A short, nine years later, he would win the Most Valuable Player Award at Super Bowl VI. In short, Roger Staubach was a remarkable football player but an even more remarkable human being.

To his eternal credit, Roger Staubach chose to place himself in harms way for the good of his country. After graduation from the United States Naval Academy, he would request a posting to Vietnam – then engaged in a “police action” with the United States - instead of taking a stateside deployment.

Forget all the useless statistics that armchair coaches use to justify their liking of a particular quarterback- just remember that Mr. Staubach won 3 out of every 4 games he started. These days, Mr. Staubach enjoys life with his wife of almost five decades, his five children and 13 grandchildren. With any luck, that will be his greatest legacy.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia Article by: hilary lloyd

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