Whatever Happened to Rich Little? He's STILL ALIVE, STILL PERFORMING and MARRIED for the FOURTH TIME

Dubbed the “Man of a Thousand Voices,” Rich Little was known for generations as the man who could mimic anyone. His most famous impersonations included James Mason, George Burns, Johnny Carson and Richard Nixon. His recreations were so dead-on that he was named Comedy Person of the Year for 1974 and he was thrust into superstardom.

Mr. Little lost none of his talent as the years progressed and he parlayed it into one of the few “impersonation-only” variety television shows, Kopycats, to hit the airwaves. Others on the show included the best impersonators of the age including Frank Gorshin, Charlie Callas and the Brit, Joe Baker.

His most recent efforts include cameos on Futurama and charity work to help children. May there be many in the future who mimic the efforts of this generous man.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia